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"UKONYA" is an entertaining performance group, created and conducted by TAKAFUJI UKON, 

Our main business is stage performances on-site such as Kabuki dance, oiran (courtesans), and samurai sword dance.

And also manages a Japanese culture experience service in Asakusa, Tokyo, utilizing its dance skills, makeup skills, and kimono dressing skills. Our Bon Dance project, with the slogan "NO Bon Odori, NO LIFE.", is being presented to the world as Japanese entertainment that can be enjoyed by all nationalities and ages, from traditional style to popular anime songs. Every Saturday, UKON produces the Asakusa Night Festival at Asakusa Rokku Broadway, which attracts visitors from all over the world. 


The WORLD BONBON World Bon Dance Project with TAKAFUJI UKON and JICA, with the grand theme of creating world peace through the circle of Bon Dance.

The project is currently disseminating Bon Odori that connects countries such as Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.


また「NO盆踊り,NO LIFE.」を掲げる盆踊りコンテンツは伝統的な盆踊りからアニソン盆踊りまで国籍年齢問わずに楽しめる日本のエンターテイメントとして発信。

毎週土曜日、浅草六区ブロードウェイ にて世界からの観光客と盆踊イベント浅草夜祭を開催。


孝藤右近とJICAでのWORLD BONBON世界盆踊りプロジェクトでは、盆踊りの輪で世界の平和をつくる壮大なテーマで


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